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Julius Rupert Smith

... Waaaaaah what's going on!?
- 1x Torch

Rin Shavi

After putting the girl to sleep and putting her two Pokémon in his healing machine, Dr. Tristan Boone returned to computer and his notes, pushing his glasses up as he continued to research. The locals had named him the town healer but really, all he was was a Geologist with an old machine he had built himself on the designs of the previous models of the PokéCentre healing machines (because he built it himself, the thing looked as if it was made of garbage cans. Rather bootlegged. It still worked though, despite the amount of time it took) and a working knowledge of how to patch wounds and create antidotes.

Working in a room above the temple, he could hear all that happened and another commotion was going on. Now, Tristan was too much of a coward to go deal with it himself. No, that's why he was a healer. He treated the wounds, not caused them.

"Aipom!!" his partner said, also hearing the noise. Tristan pushed up his glasses again, exchanging looks between him and his monkey. Why did people stand tall against Pokémon at night? Everyone with half a brain knew that Pokémon were angrier with the moon.

"Oh, alright," he said, standing up, leaving his other patient for a minute. "I can never win an argument against you."

He didn't have to travel far; it seemed as if the one who had made the noise was already out. She and her Pokémon seemed hurt though. It was a good thing he had more than one bed and the machine could take more than two Pokémon. Another woman, it seemed.

"H-hello!" he shouted out to her from his doorway. "Are you hurt? Please, come up here!"
- 1x Blanket
- 1x Escape Rope
- 1x PokéBall

Richard Lee Ambrose

- 300P
+ 1x Rations
+ 1x Fresh Water

Benjamin Whistler

"Yes sir, yes sir," Benjamin held the camera to his eye and took a few shots of Ambrose and the merchant behind him, who looked a little happy in the first shot, started to become sick of the camera after the third and fourth shot. "Thank-you, sir."

"Listen, kid, if you're not going to buy anything, move along. You're scaring my customers," the merchant said. Benjamin hadn't really realised they stopped in front of a stall but it made the photo all the more appealing. Then, Benjamin's kiss-ass side kicked in.

"S-sorry, sir," Benjamin said, nodding nervously as he backed away to the side. "I didn't mean, I didn't mean to impose."

"Well, m-m-m-m-move your ass," the merchant mimicked Benjamin in a high pitched voice. It didn't bother Benjamin that much, he had been mocked several hundred times before, but blinked in surprise at the statement. The merchant grinned back. "That's right. Go away."

"S-s-sorry," Benjamin did as the man said and stepped back with Ambrose off to the side. "So, Mr. Ambrose, s-sir, are you doing, are you doing any adventuring tonight?
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