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Richard Lee Ambrose

"Mind your manners sir," Richard said to the merchant. "This young man is a companion of mine, and I believe I just spent some money at your stall, did I not? Is this how you treat all of your customers and their friends?" Shaking his head (which caused Sentret to groan) Richard turned his attention back to Ben. It never ceased to amaze him how unnecessarily rude people could be. He was no saint, but he had been raised in a time when common decency was a damn sight more common. Nevertheless, he made a mental note to avoid an 'in my day' tirade.

"I'm sorry that he spoke to you like that, had I realised he was so rude I would have spent my money somewhere else. And no, no adventuring for me tonight." Richard smiled a little, the very idea that he was on an adventure at all seemed so... alien. But somehow, he'd never felt quite as comfortable in his own skin as he did now. "It's been a long journey and I think a bit of rest will put me in good stead for tomorrow. You'll find when you get to my age you sleep a lot less anyway, so odds are I'll be up quite a bit earlier than the others. Early Pidgey gets the Wurmple, as they say. And how about yourself? Eager to make a start, I'm sure."

Part of him wanted nothing more than to rush off and begin examining the temple, obvious monument that it was, but stumbling around it in such poor light would only cause him to miss things that could be important. It seemed likely he would be a few steps behind the other hunters on this little expedition, but he planned to be far more thorough.

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