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Just letting everyone know that I am restarting the hack.
No changes will be made.
The reason why I am restarting is for me to try and see if I can avoid the mentioned bugs.
I tried fixing the ROM but the game crashes on me.

Restarting won't take long though.
Only the animation will probably consume my time, but that will be done later.


Quote originally posted by ultimaforce:
Do I have to restart with each beta?
In the next beta, probably yes.

Quote originally posted by Ach7AC:
Just a quick question. Does this hack stick more to the traditional formula than the Ruby Destiny series? Either way I'll likely play it when it's done, as so far Jagold is one of the most creative ROM hackers I've seen until now.
I am not sure what 'formula' you are referring to. =/
SkyLine has a generic story, and a dark story (if the players can trigger the event, but so far, none had seemed to have done it).

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