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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
No, no. They're Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains. They have a beautiful friendship.

Andy, I don't love films and TV. I am full of spite and vitriol. I love to criticize TV and films.
At first I though you said "Sprite and vitriol". And I was all like "wut you do with soda and acid? Gurl you crazy."

anywho, I love to watch movies only when I can choose when to watch. Things like Netflix are a lot more comfortable to me than a movie theater.

That being said I do hate watching dem new movies alone. They're so boring when you don't have a friend to screw around with and to make parodic impressions of characters with.

Though I find that I love movies and TV shows once I watch them. (See: Soul Eater :P)
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