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Jack Davis

Jack smiled at Shadoan, "Eh, they are around. Just busy doing stuff, they never wander too far." He then watched as Julia actually walked over to them and asked him to leave. He looked between the two and began to smile. "I see. Alright, I'll leave you two." He said with a chuckle as he walked out and back to another tent. "So Gol-Lilith... do you think you will like being my pokemon?" The Dragonair actually paused to consider the question and cocked her head. "Okay... I see I'll need to train you actually." He looked down at the ticket he had been given by Irek as well as the gyro-gear he got from Chester. Well, his luck was turning up great!

Alpha walked up to Jack and Delta floated by as well and Jack handed them their tickets. He looked around, "Hey, you two seen the others?"

"Perfect!" Echo said happily. There was a table, with a lamp on it as well as two chair and a vase full of flowers. Foxtrot smiled and began to walk off but Echo grabbed him. "No! You have to stay here and serve us! You're the waiter!"

"What!?" Bravo giggled and walked away happily as Echo smirked, "Now go get Spirit!" She shoved him forward as the ghost muttered under his breath but managed to locate his target and walked up to her, " Madam Spirit, Echo requests your presence for dinner. If you will follow me." He said as he turned around and began to walk back to Echo.
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