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I think I missed out on a shiny Lunatone.

I finally got a (non-shiny) Modest Deino with flawless HP/Defense/Sp. Atk/Speed, so I EV trained it and began raising it to level 100. I was doing other stuff since level grinding doesn't require much attention, so I was just knocking out every Pokemon I saw. On my second Lunatone, I was like, "Oh, that's strange that its eye is red. The last one I faced had a blue eye." I threw a Poke Ball to see if the stars would come out, but red-eyed Lunatone is just normal. I think the first one I faced might've been a shiny and I just didn't realize it because I hadn't seen a regular Lunatone for so long.

EDIT: Gah, silly me! *facepalm* I just remembered that GenV has a Pokedex that tells you if you've seen the shiny form, haha. Apparently I did not see a shiny Lunatone! I must be going crazy wanting another shiny, "lol." :cer_laugh:

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Congrats! Three shinies in a month is really impressive, rykerr!
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