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Daricka "Wildfire" Cambar

So... Even though Noctus was Roswell's second in command, he didn't know anything about the trap? Daricka was a bit skeptical that he was telling the truth, but he didn't appear to be lying. She decided to believe him for the moment and went back to her pacing. By the time TrueStriker appeared with more of the Gold Tribe, she had mostly regained her usual stoic expression. Only her eyes betrayed traces of her irritation from before. The Gallade took a moment to eat before disappearing once again, saying something about not killing Noctus while he was gone. Daricka nodded to the three that had teleported here with Truestriker, but didn't otherwise greet them. Her mind was still focused on the battle the rest of her brothers were currently facing. It seemed unlikely that Vigil, Dryad, or Sword and Shield would know much of what was going on seeing as they had been at the village, so they weren't really her main concern at the moment.

When TrueStriker returned, this time with a larger group, a quick scan showed that Dark Lightning was missing. Daricka's gaze darkened and she looked the group over once more, but still she could find no trace of the Zebstrika.

"Everyone tell their part of today's ambush, don't leave out anything that might be important. Do not explode on Noctus there-" TrueStriker spoke between bites of food. "-no matter how much you might want to. He's not Roswell. Now, the real leader here, take over. I'm checking Hoodhide before we go anywhere. Anyone with healing experience, come over now."

Daricka shifted her gaze to the unmoving body of Hoodhide. If he was dead she would make the Silver Tribe pay dearly. Not that she hadn't already been planning to give them a good beating, even more so now that it seemed Dark Lightning was lost. By now she had completely regained her composure and not even a trace of emotion showed on her face as she rested with her back against a tree.

Hysterical laughter drew her attention to Defender, who appeared to have totally lost it. Daricka listened patiently to his psychotic rant, unlike Bloodthirster who exploded in anger.

"Not everyone is as strong as you, brother," Daricka said to the Salamence. She moved from her resting position to place a hand on Defender's shoulder, more to keep him from wandering away than anything. She wasn't one to use words often, and she wasn't sure how much her next words would help, but she did know that if Defender continued in this manner he could end up discouraging the others. "We haven't lost yet. Let's not let Dark Lightning's sacrifice be in vain." Even though no one had told her what had happened, if Dark Lightning hadn't come with the rest she could only guess that meant he was dead.