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Depends on the anime, its genre, and what I expect from it. If it's a mahou shoujo series like Pretty Cure, then I expect to see a lot of fantastic sparkling attacks, transforming sequences, and larger than life villains.

However, if it's a slow paced slice of life series I'm watching, I want things to be kept as realistic as possible. Typically, I don't want to see elements like vampires, zombies or magic mixed into my slow paced slice of life (I can however point to two series - the older Someday's Dreamers and the more recent Natsuiro Kiseki as ones that featured a bit of the supernatural while still retaining a very realistic and believable feel to the show). The same could be said for the high school romance series... I'd rather it focus mainly on the romance without the extra gimmicks.

Again, it all depends on the genre of the show and what I'm in the mood for at that time.

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