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I haven't come up with an actual Pokemon right now, but I wouldn't mind a fire-cat starter, a water dragon starter, and a jumping spider starter.

Hmm..actually, I'll post some pictures in a while.


Grass Jumping Spider starter

Haven't thought of a name yet, but it'd definitely be Grass/Bug type.
Yeah yeah, I know it's awful, but in my defense I'm using a laptop and I'm not a spriter.

Edit again:
Bah, the other starters that I want would look too generic. So I'll just make it a standalone, possibly with an evolution or two.
Name: Venachnid
Type: Grass/Bug (I can see it going quickly to the NU tier...)
Height: 2'3
Length: 2'1
Pokedex entry: Venachnid prefer to live solitary lives, simply going about hunting prey. They can jump extremely long distances. They use this ability to jump very far to suddenly ambush prey; overpowering them with their jaws and claws.
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