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Hanso got to Hoodhide and kneeled down as Penance began laughing and ranting. Auron having everything planned out to the extent that Penance said? I'm pretty sure even Auron can't have eyes on us all the time. Turning his attention back to Hoodhide, Hanso's face went blank. What did he know about healing? That had been one of his twin's specialties, not his. Focus. He'd watched her enough times to know at least a few things.

Hanso checked for a heartbeat as the others talked to each other. Hoodhide was still alive. Sitting back, Hanso sighed with relief. Hunger's muddling a few things, he thought. He didn't remember anything else that was helpful. Do I know how to do this Heal Pulse thing? Thinking for a few moments, Hanso remembered, as if he'd known how to do it his whole life.

Just then, Hanso heard a grunt. Hoodhide was just waking up. "Ugh...I hope-I'm not gonna end up beatup likethis in every bigbattle...I'mwithya Vigil all the way..."

"I doubt there'll be a surprise in every big battle," Hanso said. After looking at Hoodhide again, he decided the Scrafty still needed some healing now. He put his hands up and formed a small ball of energy between them. Really gonna hate it if this goes wrong somehow. It was Hanso's first time using a Heal Pulse after going through Demas' machine. He held it to the wound from the Inferno's attack, and it seeped in to do its work.

Hanso pushed himself up from the ground and turned back to the group, trying to ignore the head rush that came. He wanted to lie down and sleep, but he wasn't going to let himself do that yet. "Who else needs healing right now?" Hanso asked the group in general.