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It makes me laugh when Americans complain about games from Japan not being localized: you guys should try living in the UK, Europe or Australia; we get even less than that, or we get it a year or more later. I know we can just import, but it's the principle of it; half this stuff doesn't even make it to our shores.

But I digress. One game I want to play, above everything else, is Luminous Arc 3. I am really, REALLY annoyed that one didn't get picked up, especially after they did the first two. I was really looking forward to it. Similarly, I don't see why Sengoku Basara: Utage can't get localized either; it's been pretty much ruled out due to poor sales of the third game, but there has been quite a bit of interest in it.

A lot of Japanese JRPGs have fallen by the wayside over the years that I'd like to see localized, although there is slim chance of it ever happening. A lot of anime-based games, as well, although that is slightly more understandable, since a lot of the anime in question weren't even dubbed. But English language options would be nice...
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