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Quote originally posted by Monolith_the2nd:
Hi there

First of all, i'm German, so I'm sorry, if my English is too bad to understand, I will try to write my posts as well as possible.

When I have activated my account I was really surprised. In none of all communities I found those helps you have attached at the top of every page here.

So I'm really happy to come here.

I'm really excited to the fact that our stickies (and the notice on top) has helped you a lot. <3 I strive to keep new members happy and well-welcomed! ^__^ Also, don't worry about your English, it is p. good. :)

Welcome aboard to the forums btw. Why not make an intro thread? A lot of us would loooove to welcome you personally. <3 Hope you are well!

Quote originally posted by danaxe:
my signiture does not seem to appear
any ideas why?
because i definatly saved it

oops my mistake
but it didnt appear earlier in the forum
as you can see absol is my favorite pokemon
Your signature is fine though. Be sure next time if you have a question like's best to ask at the Quick Questions thread. We don't want to derail this thread to a Quick Questions thread don't we? :D Though I'm glad you got it working now. Be sure the "show your signature" option is always checked if you want to show off your sig. :)