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Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
Skymin will post and say who was accepted at his earliest convenience.
*her :P

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Name: Haru Hatake
Alright dude, I think this may be a little too much for one of your first roleplays to join. There's not enough... everything. Reading your post, it doesn't make me laugh or smile or anything. It's kind of... well, boring. The character himself seems a little clichéd (child explorer? Well, we already have one of those and it was his father that was the explorer. Everyone else that is is over the age of 20, probably over 25) and the story you wrote is quite unbelievable (no one who just walks in is going to get a free, costly trip to another region unless you're smart about it).

So, sorry dude, you're declined. I would advise you to maybe have a fish around the Roleplay Corner for some roleplays that are a little less experienced. The Pokemon Trainer Academy is usually a good place to start if they have spots open.

Originally Posted by 1ninjadude1701 View Post
Name: Seth Brown
Same thing as the above, man. Nobody just walks into a place, says they have a feeling that they'll be awesome and get a opportunity others would kill for. And yeah, your writing style is also not quite up to the level that this roleplay caters for. Sorry, you're also declined.
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