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Benjamin Whistler

"Whatever," the merchant said with a huff and returned to maintaining his stall. Benjamin, glad someone had defended him in a way, smiled at his new, elderly friend. It had been a while since someone had spoken for him like that.

"It's, it's perfectly fine, Mr. Am-ambrose, sir," Benjamin lifted his camera for a second to take one last photo of Ambrose. "It h-happens often enough f-for it n-not to worry, not to worry m-me much anymore." No adventuring tonight? Well, that made two of them. Benjamin was definitely not brave enough to try and face a forest at night, no matter how clear the path ahead of him was.

"And how about yourself? Eager to make a start, I'm sure."

"Oh, oh n-no, sir," Benjamin shook his head furiously. "I'm on-only here to write the, write the story, sir. Would... would you m-mind a com-companion, Mr. Ambrose, s-sir? I'd very m-much like your s-say on th-this whole thing."

Richard Lee Ambrose, late sixties. Kind, knowledgable, veteran on Pandora. Family? History? Research this.

Rin Shavi

"Oh, dear lord, what do you think you're doing?" Boone grabbed the girl gently and helped her into his 'house', laying her on his third and last bed. There was another boy here too, now, and the machine had two more spots for Pokémon. Lucky, this girl only had one. When given the Pokéball, he returned the Electrike and placed it in the machine. Then, he returned to the girl.

"No, no payment necessary," he said, grabbing a bandage and taking the honour in wrapping them himself as the girl mumbled about things Boone really didn't understand. "You just sit on this bed and sleep, okay? The machine should be done by the morning and everything will be okay."

Boone returned to his work, shaking his head. What was with these reckless adventurers and their ability to purposely hurt themselves? He would never know.
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