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Orion Pierce

Orion sighed as he finished reading the book over for the third time. He looked over at Desco and Laharl, who made a fairly large sand castle in the time it took. It was around 3 ft. high, though with all the towers and walls, it was 5ftx5ft. They both stepped back to survey thier work, though a few seconds later, it was taken out by a large wave sent by a Crawdaunt. Well, mine as well go to the dorm that I've been avoiding...besides, I feel some sand in my shoes, Orion thought. He whistled them over before they had a chance to destroy fight the Crawdaunt, though they gave it the evil eye before they came back. Orion returned Laharl and the still sleeping Athena to their pokeballs, while Desco followed him back to the dorm.


Orion stepped into the room, then stepped out. He double checked the room number. Great, a room that any young girl would love. Though, at least it wasn't a bright, extreame pink, just not red enough to be called red. If it wasn't pink, it would be a fairly neutral room, with pictures and symbols of the mythical Palkia on the dressers and bed respectivly. He walked back in and took a better look around. First thing he noticed were the beds. They looked much more comfortable than anything he has ever seen living in Fortree.....or anything he has ever slept in for that matter. Despite Desco's cries that would usually catch his notice, he lept into the bed, landing on his back, and relished the feel. To him, it felt like sleeping on a Snorlax covered in Cottonee wool. It took Desco lifting him up and turning his head for Orion to notice that a guy was hidden behind the bed further down from him(Desco noticed him since she entered). The shock caused him to leap off the bed almost as fast as he got on it, and after a few breaths, took a closer look. Only the guys head and a hand with a pokeball showed over the covers, which didn't make him very........inviteing.

"Hello, I'm Orion." He said slowly, and while not shakeing scared, was speaking carfully. Desco was right behind him, ready to defend him, "Who are you?"
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