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Quote originally posted by ShadowTheDarkrai:
Hello! I'm the First one :D.
Name: ShadowTheDarkrai
Your Trainer Sprite: Lance
2 Partner Pokemon: Vizzy the Flygon and Grovyle
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?:I chose to become a Dragon Tamer because Dragon Types have great artwork and I overall like them so much I have a Dragon type on my team in almost every game.
Answer Current Topic
There is no current topic yet...

By the way you forgot in the sprites for trainers Drake from the Elite Four of Hoenn.
Next time it'll be real easier if you could change font colors instead of leaving it yellow, that'd be great \m/

But welcome to everyone who joined the club already!!
Quote originally posted by Curious.:
Name: Curious.
Your Trainer Sprite: Clair, please!
2 Partner Pokemon(Yes we can have nicknames!): Kingdra and Charizard (No nicks)

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: For most of my Pokemon gaming I've had a Dragon Type Pokemon on my team (HG I had Dragonite, DPPt I had Garchomp and in BW I had another Dragonite) -- I love their power, their elegance and grace, their beauty and most importantly their kind and complex minds and hearts.

Answer Current Topic: My favourite dragon type? Hmm, this is a toughy since there's many I do love -- I think I'd have to settle on Dragonite or Kingdra, or Hydreigon. (I know I know, that's more than one, aha). If larvitar and pupitar counts though, then they're definitely my favourites.

Also on that note, I definitely think the larvitar line or at least Larvitar and Tyranitar are known as dragons. ~ But that could possibly be a topic of discussion. When we get new members we can vote perhaps?
Tyranitar reminds me of a Dinosaur

When we reach 10 members, I will definitely bring up the questions of which Pokemon are known as Dragon missing from the family list. I was going to put Lapras (As many Dragon Gym Leaders/Champions even use him quite often) on there as well, but I decided not to. We'll get to this topic soon! The Dragon Family are consist of the Dragon Egg Group, the lone exceptions were Aerodactyl & Trapinch up there. Aerodactyl is an obvious reason, with great history with Charizard in the Fossil episode with Ash, Gary & Jigglypuff. I always picture Aerodactyl as an ancient Charizard from a past time. Then Trapinch...well he evolves into Dragons (Vibrava/Flygon) so he needs no explanation!

Quote originally posted by Olli97:
ShadowTheDarkrai, there is a topic, it's just put under the "Past Topics" part of the OP, so you might've been confused :p

Name: Olli97
Your Trainer Sprite: Lance, the orignal Dragon Master, and the only one I'll whom I'll aknowledge the title on :p
Partner Pokemon: Dragonite and Aerodactyl.
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Dragon types are just generally pretty awesome, all of them usually being generation favourites, and each unique in their own way. They've "evolved" a lot since the first generation, though they still keep their fame and are usually the Pokémon that are being looked forward to the most.

What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?

Dragonite. I still recall the first time I got the Dratini in my Blue and spent hours training it, not having any knowledge of when it'd evolve, though I was positively suprised when it finally reached its second evolution with how powerful it actually was, and though I don't use Dragon types much, mainly because they take so freaking long to evolve and all that, I still keep my love for Dragonite.
Dragons are the strongest of 'em all! Though they do take forever to grow up and evolve What is it with Dragons and Level 55? Is 55 a natural number for them? lol I don't remember catching Dratini in R/B/Y actually. I only first caught a Dragon type in G/S/C, & yes it was Dratini. Then again I caught a Horsea way past that as I was a decent fan of Seadra in the R/B/Y series. I believe I evolved Seadra to Kingdra prior to Dragonair to Dragonite. All-in-all, out of all the non-Legendary Dragons, Salamence has given me the most pleasure to train, travel & battle with. Even in the Pokemon Trading Card games, he kick butts!

Quote originally posted by ShadowTheDarkrai:
Thank you Ollie.
What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon and why?: I honestly don't know my favorite. I like a lot of them a lot and I can't really determine which is better. If I have to say one it would probably be Giratina. I think it's first major role is the best with a unique plot twist. I think it's design looks very creepy and scary and I think it fits Giratina's role well.
Yeah, I didn't want to double post right off the back so it was the best place to put it, right in the Past Topics. Sorry for the confusion Giratina? Interesting, recently I haven't seen many favor Giratina. Great to know it still has support! I actually do like Giratina also, but I'm a way better supporter of Palkia! The Pokemon is bulk up and got some great bulk up shoulders! LOL

Time to answer for myself:
What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon and why?
Everyone knows how much I love my Latias. You can't go wrong with that! But for just this once, I'll make it interesting and pretend I'm banned from choosing her. Definitely going with Reshiram. Reshiram is that Fire/Dragon I've always wanted, and the design is just brilliant. I still haven't seen the movies with Victini yet, so I don't know the Anime side of the story, but in-game its indeed a great story. I loved capturing Reshiram and battling N's Zekrom in an intense battle. It didn't get anymore real than that!