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Name: Avishka
Your Trainer Sprite: clair
2 Partner Pokemon : garchomp and charizard
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: bcuz They are one of the best pokemon types, being all-around and very powerful in combat. Most are also graceful and love most of their artwork.Not many weaknesses, awesome sprites and a ton of legendaries. They are PURE AWESOME!
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What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?
Garchomp bcuz it looks awesome. Garchomp has less "bad" points, though. Ground Type makes him resistant to Stealth Rock, immune to Sandstorm, and get Earthquake STAB, all of which are epic things.Garachomp's evolutionary line's type combination is nearly unique, shared only with Flygon and one of its pre-evos.
My first Pokemon ever was Charmander in Pokemon Red all those years ago and Charizard was amazing back in Gen 1.Charizard is the original king of fire types! It's also more fun to use competitively. >:3 It's so badass and it can Fly.
I love Deino. It looks so cute and adorable with the hair blocking its view. It then evolves into a killing machine that helps me defeat the Elite.