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Rion Mazer

He heard the door open and flinched. This was so embarrassing. She was probably thinking he was a coward and a wimp. It... It had just scared him when he was in the middle of calming down and... He felt Deena shifting on the bed but didn't move, wary of what would happen next. Yuki had set her bag down on the other bed and been very quiet for a few moments.

Then she did something Rion didn't understand: She apologized.

Why would Yuki apologize? It wasn't her fault: it was his. He was the frightened one, the one who easily ran away from things. It was all his fault... "...Stop." The apology was bouncing in his head like a defunct ball. "Stop... I-I... I don't get it... why-whuh-why are you sorry..." Slowly he popped his head out, not looking at her, still mostly a bed worm. "I... it's not.. erm... it's..." His face turned red and he murmured to himself. "I thought... you, well, saw..." He anxiously curled back into the worm, nervous again.

"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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