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Originally Posted by Psiiionic View Post
Hey Johnny if you still want to trade just let me know kk I will be on today at around 4:30 pm Eastern US time to around 8 just PM me okay or if you are on now I'll be on for about 2 hours before heading out.
I'm so sorry for a late reply but I have been busy these few weeks, I will try to come to our trade as soon as I can.

Originally Posted by Falling Wishes View Post
CMT for your Shiny Beautifly you just posted, can you change the nickname back to normal though if you fine something interesting? Link in signature

All the Pokemon I have are on Gen. 5 so if we do this trade we have to trade on Gen. 4 then Gen. 5

Unless you will accept a Shiny Shuppet with a couple of 31's?
I do not find any mon that caught my interest and I cannot change the nickname either. The only thing I can do is to catch another one so if you want it, just post like the format before but this time as a capture project.
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