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Quote originally posted by Psiiionic:
Hey Johnny if you still want to trade just let me know kk I will be on today at around 4:30 pm Eastern US time to around 8 just PM me okay or if you are on now I'll be on for about 2 hours before heading out.
I'm so sorry for a late reply but I have been busy these few weeks, I will try to come to our trade as soon as I can.

Quote originally posted by Falling Wishes:
CMT for your Shiny Beautifly you just posted, can you change the nickname back to normal though if you fine something interesting? Link in signature

All the Pokemon I have are on Gen. 5 so if we do this trade we have to trade on Gen. 4 then Gen. 5

Unless you will accept a Shiny Shuppet with a couple of 31's?

I do not find any mon that caught my interest and I cannot change the nickname either. The only thing I can do is to catch another one so if you want it, just post like the format before but this time as a capture project.

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