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Originally Posted by .TheDon. View Post
Hi guys i've posted few days ago in the WB section asking for some help. Ninjagon suggested to write in this section so after i spent some time reading an online guide i think i'm ready to ask few more questions. Now i've figured out how levelling and stat work (nature, iv, ev ecc) but the guide i read (smogon university) was based on fourth generation games. Are there new ways to ev effectevely? other than power items and pokerus. Btw from what i've read seems impossible to ev during the "main plot", it should be done after i beat the game right? Is it hard or is better just to use simulators? I'd also like to know how stat directly influence damage. For example how defence reduces the damage you take? Is there a particular formula?
Sorry for all these questions
The EVing method in Gen V is just the same as in Gen IV, except that "Wings" have been added. These items increase a particular stat by 1 EV, even after you use 10 vitamins on one stat. Here are the Wings and the stats they increase:
-Health Wing: HP
-Muscle Wing: Attack
-Resist Wing: Defense
-Genius Wing: Special Attack
-Clever Wing: Special Defense
-Swift Wing: Speed

It's kind of possible to EV train in-game, but you may have to take some time off from the main storyline grinding in routes as opposed to fighting other trainers (it's easier to do on physical attackers early on, since non-White players will have a hard time EV training their Special Attacking Pokemon, considering that Petilil, a Pokemon who gives out Special Attack EVs, isn't in Black; those players will have to wait till much later on, when they'll encounter Litwick in Celestial Tower)

A little off-topic, and for your knowledge, here are the B/W EV training spots:
-HP: Stunfisk (Iccirus City)
-Attack: Patrat, Lillipup (Route 1)
-Defense: Roggenrola (Wellspring Cave); Sewaddle, Venipede (Pinwheel Forest)
-Special Attack: Litwick (Celestlal Tower); Petilil (Pinwheel Forest, Lostlorn Forest; White only)
-Special Defense: Frillish (Route 17, Route 18, Driftveil City; surfing)
-Speed: Basculin (any lake); Woobat (Wellspring Cave)

Read this article and scroll down to "damage formula" (sorry if this isn't much help, but it's all I can think of)