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Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
Name: Avishka
Your Trainer Sprite: clair
2 Partner Pokemon : garchomp and charizard
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: bcuz They are one of the best pokemon types, being all-around and very powerful in combat. Most are also graceful and love most of their artwork.Not many weaknesses, awesome sprites and a ton of legendaries. They are PURE AWESOME!
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What is your favorite Dragon Pokemon & why?
Garchomp bcuz it looks awesome. Garchomp has less "bad" points, though. Ground Type makes him resistant to Stealth Rock, immune to Sandstorm, and get Earthquake STAB, all of which are epic things.Garachomp's evolutionary line's type combination is nearly unique, shared only with Flygon and one of its pre-evos.
My first Pokemon ever was Charmander in Pokemon Red all those years ago and Charizard was amazing back in Gen 1.Charizard is the original king of fire types! It's also more fun to use competitively. >:3 It's so badass and it can Fly.
I love Deino. It looks so cute and adorable with the hair blocking its view. It then evolves into a killing machine that helps me defeat the Elite.
I've heard from several people that Garchomp make Flygon extinct. I don't agree. Flygon happens to have levitate, which can avoid strong moves such as Earthquake and other ground type moves. So Flygon does have some advantages.

Charizard, Gyarados and Aerodactyl, along with Dragonite, were examples of Dragon types back in Generation 1. Seadra didn't get much spotlight in that draconic world until Kingdra came along. Lapras was practically a huge supporter for Dragon types, in my opinion. Could very well be one of those best friends for the Dragons, indeed. Now? Only very few Pokemon can learn some dragon type moves and Lapras is probably the most popular in that category, probably next to Tyranitar.

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Yeah, the downside to training Dragon types. I think the 55 evolution level just comes from it being the level Dragonair evolved in, and then it's just carried over with all the other Dragon types, just like how most starters and 2 evolutionary lines in general usually evolves around 32-36, since that's how it originally was.

I don't actually recall catching/receiving any Dragon types other than Dratini in the first two generations whenever I've played the game, apart from a Bagon which I only recently caught while playing through a borrowed Sapphire version. I never got around to evolving it to Salamence, but I just felt like I wanted to have a Dragon type. But yeah, I caught and trained it post-game in which there wasn't much to do, so I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I could've when I was younger, so yeah :p

I really don't know how good any Pokémon is in the TCG, since all I did was collect the cards, though I do remember I had a few Dragon types.
I like how they made the Dragon types so long to train/evolve. It shows that you have to be that close in training your Pokemon and show much appreication in all the battles you used it in. When I come across any Dragon types I tend to like to catch it and train it right away, develop that bond with it. Definitely a one-of-a-kind type.

Speaking of TCG, didn't they introduce the new types to the TCG board? Dragons has its own types now rather than sticking with its non-Dragon half?? I haven't played TCG in a long time, since Generation 3 when I had a deck consist of supporter Salamence cards. Maybe I should check back into it. Collect some Dragon cards and build a REAL Dragon deck finally :D