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Robert Hawkins

During the course of their conversation Robert noticed that the night had drawn on. He looked at the pokeball for a second before raising his head to once again make eye contact with the stall owner.
“Well sir, If you would be so kind as to release the Magby so I can check it over I would be happy to accept your kind offer and of course will be more than happy to perform a favour for your good self.” Robert smiled widely as the Magby was released from its ball.

The baby pokemon was still unsure on its feet and stumbled as it appeared before righting itself. Robert chuckled and bent down to inspect what would hopefully become his new pokemon. The Magby was hot to the touch and Robert recoiled as he attempted to pet the baby pokemon. Sucking his singed fingers he moved his face so as to peer directly into Magby’s eyes. There was a fire there. A spark of potential. This was all Robert needed to witness. A flash of orange from just below his field of vision made Robert move his gaze to the pokemons mouth. Embers were dripping from its mouth to the floor before its feet. As he watched a small weak burst of yellow flame came forth. “Everything seems in order. If I remember correctly then yellow flames indicate good health in these pokemon. Pawniard, what do you think of our potential new friend?” Robert’s other pokemon stepped forward and began its own examination of the Magby. After a minute it turned and gave a nod to its trainer. It confirmed this with a small accepting cry of “Pawni-ard!”

“We’ll take it! I should have the money somewhere…Just give me a second.” Robert patted his many pockets in search for his wallet. After a few seconds and much self-frisking he produced it and pulled from its recesses the sum required by the merchant. In return the merchant handed over the Magby’s pokeball and the two men shook hands.
“Mag Mag-by!!” The baby pokemon gave a little cry of happiness as it saw its new master place its pokeball on his belt and tottered over to join Pawniard by his side.
“Now sir, what was this favour you required?” Robert smiled as he saw his two pokemon playing in his peripheral vision.
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