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Underrated games can be critically successful too, just kind of ignored by the consumers. The game I find to be underrated by consumers is the sequel to Banjo Kazooie - Banjo-Tooie. A blend of humour and serious parts make this game just fun to play.

But if we go by underrated by critics as well, I found nothing wrong with Bubsy the Bobcat. Absolutely loved it, even though people didn't really understand that it was fun and very difficult at the same time (I will be honest though, if I ever play this game straight through on my Sega Mega Drive (I refuse to call it Genesis as I am English), I don't think the console will survive the amount of rage I will collect playing it...)

Man of Steel
He harbors no shame
Got cut a raw deal
But he holds no blame
Gone and forgot to feel
Numb for pretentious pain
As he spins the wheel
There's no loss nor no gain...

Nerves of Steel
He must remain
Even if it kills
To remember my name
A view to a thrill
Like Campari and Champagne
I'm on the rocks
Please tell me, What Is My Name?

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