Thread: [Discussion] Should teachers be armed?
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I really wouldn't like this idea at all. As said before in this thread, the teachers can go crazy too. Imagine a teacher's having a really hard time outside of their job - maybe an issue with family or a relationship - so they're already unhappy and then some annoying little kid is making their life hell. What's stopping them from pulling out the gun and shooting that kid? I've heard of and seen teachers getting very legitimately angry at their students, and in some cases even violence has been reported. When these kind of things happen I have no reason to believe that a teacher with a gun wouldn't use it. You can't just trust anyone with one of those.

That aside, even if that wasn't an issue, imagine how the children would feel knowing their teachers had a weapon in their desk. A lot of children, especially very young ones, can be scared of teachers, particularly if they're stricter ones. A teacher with a gun isn't safety for those kids, it's terror. I would never want that in a school.
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