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Vinnie Valentine

Candice saw the bathroom. Uh oh. She's pissed. Wait, what? Oh, she's pestering me....dear god. She's soooo gonna-

-- archaicMiracle began pestering bemyValentine --
AM: Yeah um, sorry if I seemed so...different and weird.
AM: And cold too.
AM: I'm going nuts.
AM: All this magic stuff? No.
AM: Don't believe that...I mean, what I'm saying is...
AM: I'm going insane.
AM: His name is Mr. Fluffly by the way...
AM: Oh god what did I just type.
AM: Sorry if I'm so...weird.

Oh, she doesn't seem upset. Actually, she seems....scared? The **** is this?! Candice never gets scared, nervous, or anything! She's like this emotionless enigma of emo! Or something. Obviously, she has emotions, but she's always so.....chill. And cool. Laid back. That kind of stuff. And cute too....does she have a boyfriend? No! Vinnie, no! Now is not the time to fantasize about girls! Especially Candice! She's probably in a lot of trouble! This game is ****ing weird.

AM: Look um, I have an idea about the bathroom...
AM: Maybe if you build a wall around the broken toilet and fridge and pillows
AM: And then delete a wall that leads to the outside
AM: The bathroom wouldn't be filled with water.
AM: You don't have to do it...just an idea I had.
AM: Maybe you have a better one.

BV: No, I really don't.
BV: hence the fridge and cushions.
BV: I'll try to build that wall
BV: Is there anything else I'm suppossed to deploy?
BV: Well, I see a card, so ill send it over regardless.
BV: Okay hold on a sec.

I sent over the pre punched card, or whatever it was. All of this English and made up words to sound like English ones had messed up my translation process. I mean, I'm pretty fluent in English, but this was all wierd stuff. It had me confused momentarily....well, I put it on her floor, next to her crixtruder. It wasn't that big.....wait, wasn't I suppossed to do something? ****, I forgot.


Oh yeah! The bathroom. Duh. I grabbed my revise tool and built a wall around the toilet, but with enough room to squeeze by the Alchemy maker. Is thay what its called? Alchemyter...Alchemeter....Alchemiter. Yeah. Those three words sound exactly the same. Whatever. Now I destroyed the wall on the other side. Water bagan spewing out of the house. Success! Candice was a genius. Damn girl, she's smart too...wait! Stop mind dating Candice! Mind dating? No......just.....just use the word fantasize again, Vinnie. ****, now I'm talking to myself in the second person!

*beep beep*

Thats my impression of pesterChum's alarm system. Pretty realistic if you ask me. some dinosaur is giving me directions again. Looks like he's been pestering for a while now...

VC: what are you doing!?
VC: oh nevermind
VC: playing around is a fun part, I guess!
VC: but she'll need her house for a while longer so maybe follow her suggestion on how to get the water away would be good?
VC: anyways!!
VC: my friend thinks time is ticking too fast for us to keep playing
VC: even though playing is all this is about! well, not all.
VC: but in a way!!
VC: sorry. I'll try to be more specific.
VC: the cruxtruder! use that mighty cursor of yours and pick up something heavy
VC: and smash the lid off!
VC: but make sure that Candice is ready and stands beside!!
VC: oh I'm getting too nervous
VC: but there's no skipping this part
VC: just don't look up into the sky afterwards. or at least try to stop Candice from doing it, because
VC: that would make even her nervous!!

Smash the lid off? That sounded productive! Maybe there like...a big cannon inside....or some really rare materials...or a diamond pickaxe! Something great, obviously. It wouldn't be so hard to get unless it was awesome. Err...something heavy.....I know! The rest of the couch!

bemyValentine began pestering archaicMiracle

BV: Hey! I fixed the toilet thing!
BV: Oh, and im gonna smash the cruxtruder
BV: velocirapter told me to.
BV: seems legit
BV: oh, and don't look at the ground when I do
BV: you dont wanna see it

A little reverse psychology never hurt anyone, right? Anyway, I grabbed the couch and slammed it hard (teehee) into the cruxtruder to knock the lid off....

Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!