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Quote originally posted by Livewire:
/doesn't know what OTT is

Then it's essentially the same as any comparative religion course one takes in College here in the US. Which are still electives unless that's your field of study.
Over The Top sorry ;__;

Learning about various world religions is great and could help to foster acceptance and understanding to a degree, but school classes won't assuage a few centuries of religeous conflict and misunderstanding.
Bad things always happen in the past, any History lesson will show that people can make mistakes and do terrible, evil things and then later do great things.

With today's intolerance, especially the 'Muslims are terrorist' view which seems to have spread around the US, learning about the true religion rather than focus on the current extremists can only be good.

Not saying it has to take hours out of their day, when I was in secondary school it was only a 30 minute lesson every week.
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