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It's a faulty argument to say "If they teach evolution then they should teach creationism" because:

  1. Creationism is a religious issue, not a science one. Kids don't take a class in "how humanity came to be." They take a science class. If there were a class in "how humanity came to be" then there's more of an argument to include creationism, but there isn't.
  2. Creationism is not the only other idea for how people came into being besides evolution. If, as some say, you want to be fair you should include every religion's creation stories.

If you want to have classes like SwiftSign explains then why not just have a "Culture and Philosophy" class instead since when you talk about religion you're really just talking about how some people have differences in what they believe. Why not just broaden it to include entire cultural things? Music, worldviews, etc. Everyone has culture, not everyone has religion. This would allow everyone to be included.

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