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I think that RE should definitely be mandatory up until an age, if it's done a certain way. If children are taught simply what different religions believe in without being told that these beliefs are necessarily correct, then I think that's fine. I really can't see the harm done in teaching children which religions believe what and follow what ideals - it's not converting them or forcing anything upon them, it's simply educating them.

What's wrong, in my eyes, is teaching children that there is a correct religion. And by that I mean not necessarily saying that other religions are incorrect, but telling children what the beliefs of one religion are true. An example of this would be reading a passage from the Bible as a "factual" story. At a young and impressionable age, things like this could easily lead children to follow a religion which their parents and other family are not comfortable with.

Basically, teaching about multiple religions? Fine. Teaching a religion? Definitely not fine.

edit: SwiftSign summed up what I wanted to say quite beautifully with his post below. Especially,
Again, some people here seem to be mistaking 'Religious Education' for Bible Reading or learning how to worship. That's nowhere near what it is. ;__;
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