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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
I put the original color Mew up for now, I'll update it to a Shiny Mew later. Interesting as you didn't choose Lugia as your partner Pokemon :O Lugia was just straight up badass in The Movie 2000. I enjoyed watching it over and over again back then. Though the cute baby Lugia was the cutest thing ever. To bad we can't use that baby Lugia in-game

I tend not to always choose my favourite Pokémon (concerning the club) as my partner
The former movies were the most interesting about legendaries. Newer movies don't touch me at all, the legendaries aren't as moving. And I'd also like to see a baby Lugia in game, it was adorable. I also remember the awesome sountrack "Lugia's song" from this movie, one of the best among all the Pokémon soundtrack. It's a pity that other legendaries don't have their own theme, I'd be curious to know them.