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Quote originally posted by Snowdrop:
Where did you come up with the name Sephora? It's really pretty :D
It's actually a female clothing store. Though I've seen it around before, I never realized there was such a thing until..*ahem*..I met this girl in school. The name just made me fell in love, and it suits Cresselia perfectly! I've always wanted to have my Latias & Cresselia have beautiful names & now they do!
Quote originally posted by NixChill:
partner pokemon:ironman the registeel and sky the rayquaza
whats your favorite lengendary pokemon and why?:rayquaza because he got swag and because im a emerald version fan
Welcome to the club! I will get you on the list shortly! Rayquaza's shiny form is definitely one of my favorites. Though I'm not much of a big fan of the Regi Golems though, but if I had to choose, Registeel would be the best of the trio.
Quote originally posted by Avishka:
welcome new members !!

awesome nicknames!!!
i only name a few pokemons like shadow the darkrai

credit - ~Fynn-fin-9
That's an amazing drawing. Shadow the Darkrai is way too common. Doomsday or Darkseid would be excellent names for it!
Quote originally posted by Mentalii:

I tend not to always choose my favourite Pokémon (concerning the club) as my partner
The former movies were the most interesting about legendaries. Newer movies don't touch me at all, the legendaries aren't as moving. And I'd also like to see a baby Lugia in game, it was adorable. I also remember the awesome sountrack "Lugia's song" from this movie, one of the best among all the Pokémon soundtrack. It's a pity that other legendaries don't have their own theme, I'd be curious to know them.
All the more reason why Lugia is so special, right? You can say in-game Dialga/Palkia do have their own theme, the Spear Pillar. I actually like that one.

Onto a new topic:
Who do you prefer as an ancestor/a god of all Pokemon: Mew vs Arceus?