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Quote originally posted by diamondmutt1111:
Again, thank let me do yours...

Game: Emerald
Amount of Pokémon: 6
Pokémon: Sceptile, Vulpix, Azumarill, Gardevoir, Walrein, Dusclops (whoops! almost forgot in order to get Spheal you need surf and stuff)

Have some fun and stuff!
Boss sauce. And aye, My bad, friend. PSYDUCK replaced with... Staryu. There ya go. I'll get right on this :D (After I download a clean Emerald Rom.. heh..heh... ^-^") And I noticed.. No fly pokemon? [Not necessary, just useful! :D It's up to you.]

Quote originally posted by Raikun:
Username: diamondmutt1111
Game: Leaf Green
Amount of Pokémon: Wartortle, Golbat, Pikachu, Kadabra, Dragonite, Staryu.
Pokémon: 6
Extra Comments: I can't hack so please give me Pokémon that I can actually get. Oh, and I can't trade either. And NO LEGENDARIES.

EDIT: Evolve them if you feel like it. -- Raikun
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