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After Ragnaros knocked down Penance, he shouted, "He does!"

At least he'll be quiet for a while, Hanso thought, walking over to the Golduck. From the looks of it, Penance had taken more of a beating than most of the others. Then there was the fact that Ragnaros had just bashed him in the head with his tail. Hanso made another Heal Pulse, which seeped into Penance's body, then stood up.

"Right." Zane finally said. "Let's head over to Hoodhide's village. It shouldn't be too far from here. We'll rest there for the night, and figure out what we'll do tomorrow morning."

Hanso waited until Hoodhide was moving and Sword and Shield had picked up Penance before walking along. As the Gold Tribe entered the rainforest, Hanso stopped to lean against a tree, closing his eyes. He'd already eaten the food in his pack, but he still felt like he'd gone for a few days without food. The two Heal Pulses didn't do anything to help that fact, except take a little more out of him.

Hanso opened his eyes as Zane approached. "I've got to thank you for what you've done. I know you must be exhausted from all those teleportations. But I wanted you to know that we all owe you quite a bit. We wouldn't have all made it out without you."

"Just doin' my part," Hanso replied, pushing off the tree. "Though it isn't everyday that the prisoners weren't there and they had an army of Ancients hiding underground." He paused to think back to the battle. "One of the Sentinels said that the King of Thieves had delivered the Gold Tribe to them, which was how I knew that Roswell had betrayed us."

Hanso continued walking again, pushing himself to keep from trailing behind the others. Zane was right about his exhaustion, but Hanso couldn't let himself sleep yet. As he walked, Hanso went over what Penance had been saying ever since they'd gotten here. Out of all Penance had said, Hanso felt that the only likely thing was that there was a spy in the Alpha Alliance. The rest was just rambling.

Hanso shook his head. Time for thinking later. There was a village to find.