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I've been meaning to read this since you posted about it in the Plot Bunny thread.

Your humor is a nice touch to this. I don't know Looker's canon personality (never played Platinum, finished B/W, or saw his anime episodes), so I don't know if he really is this crazy or not. But I do like how Maria's personality works against his. What a pair they make!

The only piece of advice I can give right now is to proof-read your chapters. There aren't a lot of mistakes in them, just a few small ones that I noticed.

As to your question, personally I don't like a lot of memes in fics. Most of the time, they just seem forced, like the author put them in just for a simple laugh. If, however, you use them much like Anpeci's disease (which made me grin because that was clever!), then it won't be bad.
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