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Okay, another big update on Bug Monotype extraordinair (spelling...?)

I beat Roark....finally. Had a level 27 Kricketune
Beat Gardenia or whatever pretty easily.
Caught me a burmy, male.
Caught me a Combee, female (took forever!)
Leveled everyone up to 25 (kricketune 30 something)
Beat Maylene pretty easily too.
Beat Wake with a little bit of difficulity.
Got me a skorupi!
Went and beat Fantina pretty easily too.
Caught a heracross, and proceded to OHKO all of Byrons pokemon.
Beat some grunts at the lake
Went allllll the way to snowpoint city, only to die in the hailstorm...
Went allllll the way BACK to Snowpoint city, this time with multiple superpotions
Helped out my rival
Beat CandICE with a lot of difficulity, and two revives to save heracross.
Beat Volkner
Herp a derped thru the Victory Road...
Failed epically to Aaron. His drapion is superier to my skorupi.
Trained more, now all pokemon level 50. Even skorupi. (Drapion isnt bug type )

So now I have


All lvl 50

Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!