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Originally Posted by Katie the Friendly Ghost View Post
Name: Katie the Friendly Ghost
Your Trainer Sprite: Clair
2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family):Shelgon, Treecko
Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: 'Cause dragons are like awesome. Duh.
Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?
Altaria, because I thought it'd be like crazy good, but it never was for me. Only for Winona.
Also Scrafty. It's pretty good in battle, but I'm disappointed solely in its appearance.
Welcome to the club Katie! I have to agree with your answer actually. Altaria is just a normal Pokemon with special skills/stats. One Ice type move can easily KO it more so than the other Dragon & Flying/Ground types. Scrafty's appearance is much better than Scraggy, but both (Like most Generation V Pokemon) of their designs are just horrific. They could had done better. Though I see the point in why they designed them.
Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?
I'm not disappointed in any Dragon type or Dragon family member. Then again I don't think I understand the topic very much. I don't understand what there is to be disappointed about in any of the Dragon type Pokemon. They are one of my favorite types (after water) so I'm not disappointed in any of them.
Disappointed in any way, no specific reasoning. I'd have to go with Charizard as the #1 for the family. Its 4x Weakness to rock kills it and he is just too weak. He was the all-mighty pro Pokemon back in Generation 1, but after that, he's just dyed as a top Pokemon. Even though he's still very much a fan favorite today! The design is much better than most, but design-wise, the Scrafty family gets my vote on the disappointing side.

As for Dragon types, hands down its going to Druddigon. Its real weak and its design is just plain awful. I cannot stand the dragon and even some fakemons are better design than that. I like the lone Dragon type Pokemon, but it definitely fails in every aspect of the Pokemon world.
Originally Posted by Mentalii View Post
Which Dragon type & Dragon family member are you most disappointed in?

Concerning the Dragon type, I'd say Druddigon. It's kind of useless to my mind. Ok, I don't like its design at all, so that helps me not to like it but I have to say that I'm particularly disappointed in the fact that it hasn't any evolution. Dragon types need evolution. It's one of their feature, to start with a weak and cute little Pokémon difficult to train but then begin badass and powerful creatures that can easily kick the best Pokémon!

Druddigon has to have an evolution when Generation VI comes. If it doesn't...Duddigon just failed very hard all this time.