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update #3

-got running shoes from oak's aid
-battle all the trainers in route 3
-battle all trainers in mt.moon,pick helix fossil,level up zippo to 27
-skip cerulean city gym,battle my rival and won.
-got fame checker from rival
-battle all the trainers on nugget bridge
-avoid most of the trainers on route 25
-help bill and got s.s ticket
-defeat the rocket grunt and got tm 28 dig back.
-head thru route 5 and underground pathway to route 6
-avoid all trainers except two on route 6
-got vs. seeker in vermillion city pkmn center
-got old fishing rod from vermillion fishing guru
-talk to vermillion city pkmn fan club president and got biker voucher
-trade a spearow for farfetch'd (hm slave)
-battle all trainers and my rival on s.s anne,cure the capt to recieve hm 01 cut
-skip route 11