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LvL 40 Feraligator Lonely
Agility, Waterfall, Dig, Icefang
He's been the backbone of my team since Croconaw

LvL 36 Flareon Serious
Bite, Quick Attack, Secret Power, Fire Blast

LvL 37 Exeggcute Rash
Confusion, Leech Seed, Sleep Power, Bullet Seed
I'm having some doubts about this guy, my original intent was to train him to 47 for psychic then evolve him but he's falling behind. Now I was thinking of evolving him to get Wood Hammer in place of bullet seed then psychic later on from the TM.

LvL 37 Crobat Docile
Mean Look, Confuse Ray, Fly, Bite
First time I trained a crobat he was almost essential to my team in the end so now I always train one if I have the the opening.

LvL37 Ampharos Naive (meh nature but I was getting burnt out searching)
Thunderpunch, Thunder, Charge, Focus Blast
Not sure what moves to give him later on, Signal Beam seems nice for the extra type.would most likely replace T.Punch and keep him Spc.A

Some criticism would be awesome on a 6th poke and what to do with exeggcute( Replace, Evolve or Train)