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Okay, here we go, time for Johto.

Update #1 on SoulSilver.

Name: Jay
Starter: Cyndaquil
Rival: Silver
  • After the beginning stuff, I hacked in a Surkit egg, that was shiny, and knew Hydro Pump and Signal Beam as egg moves .
  • After she hatched I named her Rain.
  • Hydro Pump really helped Rain defeat Falkner despite the type disadvantage.
  • After I reached Union Cave, I realized that Sandshrew is only in HeartGold, so I hacked one in and named him Spike.
  • Made through the cave to Azelea Town and helped Kurt save the Slowpoke.
  • Took on Bugsy and won thanks to Spike's Rock Tomb.
  • Beat Silver and went through Ilex Forest to Goldenrod, where I beat a bunch of trainers.
  • While doing so, Rain and Spike both evolved!
  • Whitney was pretty easy although Spike did faint to Miltank's flinching Stomps.
  • Continued north to Ecruteak City, where I got the Surf and Strength HMs and released the beasts in Burned Tower.
  • Took on the gym. Morty's Gengar was tough, but Rain was able to win mostly with Hydro Pump.
  • Went down to Olivine and scaled the Lighthouse, then Surfed across the sea to Cianwood City.
  • Beat Eusine and Chuck over there, both with relative ease.
  • Flew back to Olivine and healed Amphy, then beat Jasmine easily with Spike's Dig.
  • Right now I am saved in the Goldenrod Game Corner trying to get Coins for Ice Beam.

Team Jay:

Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L36 @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Gust, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam, Quick Attack

Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L37 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Strength, Rollout, Dig, Iron Tail

HM Slaves:

Rattata - Cut, Rock Smash

Zubat - Fly

Krabby - Surf
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