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Originally Posted by FlameChocobo View Post
Heck they really need to re-localize Pokemon first generation. That way, none of them gets left out despite their engine being used. If Pokemon Blue had been localized, by the localization logic, it'll be under the name "Green" since the localized Blue is also Green.
Blue was the name of the special enhanced version that came out later, and it's the version we got, thus, Green was never localized. In other words, Blue isn't the localized version of Green, Blue is the localized version of Blue, which came out to fix and change things that the original Red and Green did "wrong" (it was released alongside a new Red version for the West, but Blue was, in essence, the first "third version"). Blue came out first in Japan, and then in the West later, but they didn't bring Green over because of the flaws and the sprites (*shudder*), plus they had no reason to; this version was just plain "better" than the originals.
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