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Kita Okata
Sacred Fire
Shaken Chains

"Yes, why shouldn't I be?" Addie asked calmly, placing the bread on her plate and sitting down. "What happened years ago was a big misunderstanding if you ask me. It's very unfortunate that it had to happen."

Kita turned his head to Adeline and raised his eyebrows to her response. What he had asked was probably a naive question, but he'd never actually met anyone from the Divine Water family, so he had to assume one thing or another, and he bit the bullet and asked the stupid one. Then again, maybe it wasn't stupid. Adeline was simply one person with a clearly eccentric personality, but she had Kita's favor, and that one opinion was good enough for him for the time being. Hearing that made Kita happy, and a smile came over his face that he couldn't remove. He reached for his drink, but simply grasped at an empty space. He looked to see where his drink had went, and then... front of him he saw Yasha, his mouth stained with blue coloring. Oran juice mixed with various other fruits and vegetables, it was blue, and popular with humans and pokemon alike. It was Kita's Drink."Yasha! That was mine!"" he said, but Yasha growled at him angrily. He pointed to where all of the commotion was. "Are you mad because I didn't go help out? Look, there was nothing I could do." Yasha growled at him again. Kita softened his expression and said, "Buddy, I'm really sorry. I know I just ignored what was going on over there, and I'm really sorry about that...maybe we should just go." At his proposal, Yasha also softened his proposal and then shook his head. "Man, you're really showing off today; I'm supposed to be the shy one, remember?" He said with a chuckle. He looked to Adeline and said, "Sorry, he's just acting like this because you're here, I think you make him nervous," promptly laughing at Yasha's behavior.
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