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Username: Ivy Selene
Game: FireRed, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, White
I'll be using emulators for FR, C, E, and Pt, and using the speed button (I'm terrible, I know).
Optional: Nicknames, No Legendaries. Also, I won't be resetting to "save" Pokemon, if they die, they die.

Well, this is interesting...
Started with FR.
Got my starter, Squirtle, named him Hubert.
Went onto Route 1, saw a Pidgey before I had Pokeballs.
Went onto Route 22 with Pokeballs, saw a Rattata, but Hubert one-hit KO'd the Rattata with a critical.
Went onto Route 2, saw a Rattata again (!), but Hubert once again critical hit and killed the poor thing.
Went into the Viridian Forest, caught a level 3 Kakuna, named him Mr. Bee.
Boxed Mr. Bee.
Defeated Brock with Hubert, now a Wartortle.
Caught a Spearow on Route 3, named her Katie.
Fought in a battle with Katie that I though she could win, but she got killed by a critical. RIP Katie.
Caught a Geodude, named Geosweet, at the entrance of Mt. Moon.
Purchased a Magicarp, named Magick, from the Pokecentre on Route 3, boxed him until later.
Unboxed Mr. Bee.
Grinded Mr. Bee to level 11.
Turned off the game (after saving hehe).

Team right now:
Hubert, Level 20 Wartortle
Mr. Bee, Level 11 Beedrill
Geosweet, Level 9 Geodude

Magick, Level 5 Magicarp

Katie, Level 10 Spearow