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Originally Posted by LuVrDiSC View Post
im kinda dumb when it comes to the Calculators too i am having a hard time grasping the whole IV thing or the RnG stuffs. i need a tutor lol.
Alternatively, you can find your Pokemon's Hidden Power type by battling a Kecleon (due to its' Color Change ability). Your Pokemon's Hidden Power type will be the type that Kecleon changes into after the turn. Note that if the attack does Super Effective damage, the Hidden Power type is Fighting, and if Kecleon doesn't change types, the Hidden Power type is Ghost (as you can't have a Normal-type Hidden Power).

If you don't have access to a Kecleon, you can also find your Pokemon's Hidden Power type by using it on a sequence of Pokemon types based on the outcome of the attack: (under "Manual Calculation")