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Alice was outright amazed. Caedmon, the fearless second-in-command of the Oran Knights, became a voluntary captive to the Mechanists! It's obvious he just wants to ask a few questions or he would've already attacked everyone, but actually going with them as their hostage?! And that look! Yeah, it was just a moment or so that they made eye contact and he didn't show any emotion, but it was so... believing. Like he knew Alice's intentions. Did Triss tell him? No, she wouldn't have disobeyed such a serious order.

After an Ariados wrapped Caedmon up, everyone was teleported away, save Damon and a few soldiers. Back in Birch, they were told by Urta to relax and take care of their own business. It was then that the Gallade from outside the Kanto Enclave came and took Alice to the technician's workshop, checking her over completely with random measuring tools.

"Little thin for an Absol, aren't you?" Whether that was a compliment or insult was unclear. "Anyways, you can loosen back up." After a few minutes of having to stand straight for the measurements, it was starting to feel like the boot camp inspections at Swine all over again. "Now, I know it's not necessary, but I ask it anyways to preserve a Pokémon's pride once in a while. Do you prefer to have your armor as simply armor, or would you like one of the many weapons in stock customized for you?"

Pride is one thing, but there's also the fact that the Council would kill her a thousand times over if they saw one of their commanders using Mechanist weaponry. There's also the fact that Alice had been interested in the Mechanist style for nearly ten years now.

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