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Gyakuten Kenji 2 comes to mind but honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the first one so the lack of localization there didn't really bother me too much.

I wish more Tales games had gotten localizations. Especially the spinoffs. I know the first Radiant Mythology did horribly here so they didn't bother with the others but I love them so much! And Tales of VS was so much fun! The characters are the Tales series' strongest point and when they're all tossed together and mixed up, you get some really surprising partnerships and it's great to have them all interacting. I also really like the localization job they do when they bring Tales games over so it would have been nice to play all those in English.

I don't dwell too much on games that don't get localized anymore, though. I've been learning Japanese for a while now anyway and I'm at the point where I can play through games with relatively no problem and I'll understand almost anything. (Well, in JRPGs, anyway, and I assume if I can follow those I can follow any plotline.) So I just go ahead and play games in Japanese now when I'm sure they won't get an English translation.
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