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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
Unfortunately these won't work with Emerald. This project is supposed to cater to Jambo51's sprite needs for his ROM hacking project, and it's also catering to my own needs for my ROM hacking project, neither of us which use Emerald. It would be a shame to continue seeing ROM hacks with crappily resized sprites, so this project will also cater to the needs of other people hacking Ruby & FireRed.

If I did 2nd frames, that would add about 700+ extra sprites to resize/scratch, which would add about another year for this project to be finished. And I'm trying to finish this project as fast as possible.
These sprites, though lacking frame 1, are actually usable on Emerald. You simply import all the sprites (using Wichu's editor) selecting the "import all" command. Then you select the frame 1 button and you click the button "import" under the first sprite image, and you import the same sprite file. The final result misses the frame 1, but the animation is not ****ed up. I kicked the Frontier Brains's anuses with your Arceus, so it definitely works.