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Adeline Densetsu
Divine Water

Adeline looked over the table and noticed noodles and sushi and… chicken! Chicken is good. Adeline likes chicken. She reached over and placed a piece on her plate next to the bread and looked at the boy. He was smiling, so he either found a fly in his food and he found it funny rather than disgusting, or he liked Addie's answer. His hand went forward as if to grab a glass but there was nothing there. Addie glanced back down at her food and took a small bite out of the chicken.

"Yasha! That was mine!" the boy exclaimed. Addie looked up again and saw the small fox standing there, though she didn't notice the blue stain on its muzzle as he was facing away from her. The boy argued with Yasha about why he didn't help out with the little situation that had gone on with Tsurara. Addie had forgotten about that. Well, it didn't matter too much. Nobody even knew who the girl was, so whether she died or survived it wouldn't make much of a difference. Addie realized how slowly she was chewing and began chewing faster. At this rate she would never finish the chicken she had in her mouth.

"Buddy, I'm really sorry. I know I just ignored what was going on over there, and I'm really sorry about that...maybe we should just go." Well that escalated quickly.

The fox shook his head at the boy's suggestion. "Man, you're really showing off today; I'm supposed to be the shy one, remember?" the boy said with a chuckle. He looked at Addie again. "Sorry, he's just acting like this because you're here, I think you make him nervous," he said, laughing again. Addie swallowed her chicken and laughed as well.

"Why is that? Is it because I'm in Divine Water?" she asked, looking at the Vulpix with a small smile. Pokémon were so strange to Addie, she thought that that might be reason enough why she didn't like them. Fulgora, who had been quiet for the entirety of this encounter, raised her wings up and squawked as loudly as she possible could. "Oh hush," Addie said, laughing.

Masashi Densetsu
Sacred Fire

Masashi stood by as the rest of the speeches were finished up. As soon as they had ended, a little girl screamed from the crowd and was lifted up by his brother's magic. People began to panic as they came to the realization that her link had been trapped inside the ice sculpture made by Tsurara.

Masashi quickly rushed over to the sculpture but then stepped aside so as to not get in the way when Tsurara proposed that Hikari help rescue the Pokémon. His sister Hikari had her link Hinata melt the statue with her fire, but then stopped as she realized that the fire would surely burn the link. Masashi smiled at his sister, proud that she had been the one chosen to help the little girl's link.

His sister quickly descended off the cliff to get help from a boy who had an Eevee small enough to fit into the sculpture and pull the link out. When they returned up, the Eevee effortlessly pulled out a small Zorua from inside the ice. The girl tackle hugged the Eevee's link and then he introduced himself to Hikari. By the way he stuttered, Masashi could tell he had a crush on his sister. She introduced herself to Icarus before asking what his job was.

((Yes, I know the Masashi post is super summarized LOL but it would take ages to include every detail considering Mick Fizz only managed to post his opening post. I'll hopefully improve, now that I have Masashi caught up for the most part~))
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