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Finally time for my first update now that I have my laptop back.
Starting with Fire Red.


-Named myself Takuya (Male) and my rival Duskmon
-Withdrew Potion from PC
-Chose Squirtle as starter (M, Lv.5, basically a HM Slave)
-Defeated Duskmon's Bulbasaur
-Arrived in Viridian City
-Received Oak's Parcel and delivered it to Prof. Oak
-Received Pokedex and Pokeballs
-Recevied Town Map
-Hacked in Growlithe (F, Lv.3) in Route 22
-Squirtle learned Bubble from training
-Saved progress for now


Growlithe (F, Lv.3) Bite, Roar
Squirtle (M, Lv.7) Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble
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