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I´ve found a bug in Kyurem´s Den -> I don´t know the stage but somewhere in the cave you can find a item (a Big Pearl), the problem here is, that you can pick it up, but if oyu go away the item will appear again. So you can pick up as many as you want.
The Joy in Iceland City doesn´t say anything and she´s not battling you.
I don´t know if that´s a bug, but the Dark Thug Goonete on the left side in the underground entrance in iceland city isn´t battling by herself, you have to talk to her. Kai´s Dad doesn´t say anything before you beat Kayo.
Now a question: Where should i go next? I´ve defeated Kai, but i can´t go in the cave where Kayo was, because something´s blocking the way.