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Quote originally posted by Richard Nixon:
Sure, why not? Ash never achieves his goal.
That's not exactly true. I'm pretty sure by his goal you mean becoming a Pokémon master, though that's just his main goal, while he has a lot of other goals too. I'm pretty sure that in the beginning one of his goals was to catch every single Pokémon, though he kinda dropped that later on, but after that it has basically become befriending all his Pokémon and make them as strong as possible, as well as defeating the gyms in whatever region he's in to get to beat the regional leagues, which is a goal he has yet to achieve. Two notable things he has achieved though is beating the Orange Islands league as well as beating the Battle Frontier, so it's not like he hasn't progressed. So yeah, who knows, maybe he will become a Pokémon Master someday.