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No..Red isn't the base for Ash nor is Red based off of Satoshi. Ash WORE red's clothes in the original series to TRY and relate the Anime and the game, but Red from the Manga was based off of Red from the Videogames and He was never replaced. When the Manga moved to the next game, they moved to new Main Characters and Red appears again later down the line.

The Manga follows the Videogames based on release. None of the characters are replaced.

Ash =/= Red

They also have video streaming sites such as Youtube or NDN, it's not like people can't watch them there. And besides, they can find DVD boxed sets at their local retailer store, whether it be Walmart, Target, Best Buy, even a Mom & Pop shop if needs be. There's also Ebay and Amazon for online people, so it's not like kids can't get the DVDs. And either way, I know a student from my elementary school next to my high school who tried to get signatures for a Bring Misty Back petition under my request, and the fact that he would even search there instead of asking "Who's Misty" makes it a bit obvious that even the younger kids would have heard of the original series, and this was at a time when Diamond and Pearl was nearly finished with its first or second season, back in 2007/2008.
Little tidbit about stores. We only carry what the retailers want us to carry. We have a few of "MIXED" Pokemon shows by types, but unless you go to a Mom's and Pop's Special Feature Novelty Store, you won't find Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, or Sinnoh box sets that easily. TPCi governs the sales of their DVDs and do regular recalls every three to four months on some DvD titles. When they do this, all stores HAVE to ship the merchandise back by the date listed and cannot leave the merchandise on the shelves when they receive then notice.

They also have various groups within the company that go into special sites such as Youtube and legally force them to take it down as the items are licenses and cannot be streamed legally on any non-certified sites.

As far as Ash is concerned. He does mature. He's not as wild as when he first started and still has the same mature level that he had in Sinnoh. While his tactics may fall a bit to the wayside, any 10 year old would do that. Yes. They would. No one can argue that a 10 Year old won't make the same mistake 100 to 1000 times in a year. They simply do not have the mental aptitude to understand completely why its wrong no matter how basic it is. I work is a store and have to deal with children like this. I can see children when they walk into the point that they leave. Even the older ones fall prey to the repeated mistakes.

10 year old leans on a "rolling" display. It rolls away and he falls. Ya know what he does? Pulls it back and leans on it again.

You have the children who have their hands slapped for grabbing things when their parents tell them no. After they get their hands slapped, they reach for something new and it happens again.

That's how children are. Plain and simple. Here is no exception. Threads like this appear every few weaks and turn into simple rants about how so and so hates Ash or the games, or how they hate how things happen in the games. When I joined I thought the members were a bit on the olderside course I found out this was false after being called an old man by a mod XD

I even see older members explaining EXACTLY what I'm explaining right now and a few weeks later a new thread with the EXACT same info appears and draws the exact same crowd.

As Voice Rocker said, no they will most likely NOT be getting rid of Ash ever. He is the face of the Anime and the SOLE main character for the series. Everyone else are traveling companions as the story as a whole revolves around Ash.

No we will most likely NOT be getting the B2W2 Trailer Style as an Anime. That style is what they use in the Movies and has a HUGE production cost. More so that the Anime probably could make to cover a decent revenue cost with it.

Honestly, I don't think or expect Ash to EVER win a tournament. If he does, yes I believe that he Anime would end and we'd pretty much just have to deal with games. Or we'd get some spin off Anime dealing with some toy that they use to play Pokemon or the Pokemon Card Game. Yes the Anime CAN get worse.